Career Counseling

Our counselors will establish an active communication process that works for the client (email, text, call, face-to-face session, or video conference). Determine the level of assistance that the client needs. We evaluate our client’s current skill set based on their occupational specialty and their branch. Identify any prior experience from the civilian sector or previously held occupational specialties. Finally, establish a path of least resistance to secure employment that facilitates the development and opportunity to provide a direction to success for the client and their families. 

Resume Review

Identifying whether the client is applying to government-related positions (federal, state, county, or local municipalities, or civilian-related positions) along with their employment direction and the skills they possess. The Employment Center can assist clients with the proper format needed for their resumes.

Interview Preparation

To secure a position with a company. Knowing how to navigate through the interview process is key. Our process consist of evaluating the needs of the employer and position, then advise according to industry related best practices to ensure that the client has firm understanding of what to expect and how to be successful. Our clients also have the option to receive a mock interview to prepare them for future interviews.

USAJobs Applications

Navigating the USAJobs application process can be challenging. The Employment Center counselors review the client’s profile and provide recommendations based on the condition of their application. They also provide insight into relevant information that allows the client’s application to proceed in the hiring process without error or misinformation. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of being offered the opportunity to interview.

More Services

LinkedIn Profile Development

Your LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your personal branding. Learn how to develop and define how other members view your professional experience and qualifications while creating potential opportunities that will help get you noticed.

Hiring Events

We partner with several organizations to turn the traditional Job Fair model upside down. Employers and job seekers who attend our events are pre-matched with companies and will conduct interviews and have career conversations based on company needs and job seekers’ interests.

Employment Strategy

We develop proactive and positive relationships with employers to connect our clients based on their education and skill set that best aligns with each company through all available channels to obtain stable careers and optimal retention.

Skills Evaluation

Both technical and soft skills are the most important assets you possess, and relaying that information into a resume is one of the hardest things to do. Let one of our professionals teach you how to tell your story in a non-military style format that will highly enhance your chances of being noticed by a potential employer. 

Spouse and Dependents Assistance

Our services are available to all military spouses and their dependents because we truly understand the family concept as you navigate the ever-changing environment of the military family.


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The NCNG Employment Center partners with civilian organizations to promote military-friendly apprenticeships/internships. The collaboration between the Employment Center and military-friendly companies allows the development of on-the-job training in management, human resources, logistics, information technology, and clerical positions that assist our veterans in achieving their career goals. 


For more information or to apply for your US Department of Labor/N.C. Community College Apprenticeship, visit Speak with your counselor directly to see if you qualify. 


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