About Us

Our Mission

The North Carolina National Guard Employment Center’s purpose is to increase career opportunities for all Reserve Component Soldiers, Veterans, Spouses, and qualifying dependent.

By developing proactive positive relationships with North Carolina employers, the NCNG Employment Center can connect our service members with those employers through all available channels in order to obtain stable careers and optimal retention.

If your resume has not produced results, it’s time for a change. Local HR representatives have given your employment counselor the tricks of the trade and they have the connections to get you interviews.

Our clients are expected to be open minded and put forth the effort to make them triumphant in transitioning into the civilian work force. We can’t give you the job but we can give you the tools to be successful.


NC Typographic Map
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The NCNG Employment Center has eight locations across the state including Asheville, Mooresville, Greensboro, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Winterville, and the main office is located at the Joint Force Headquarters in Raleigh. When you sign up for employment assistance, you will be paired with the counselor located closest to your city. 

The Process

Employment Process Diagram

Our clients follow a simple step by step process to sign up for our services and receive the benefits of working with the Employment Center. After a client registers with the Employment Center. A counselor contacts them to schedule a one on one meeting.

We strive to meet with every single one of our clients, based on their needs or availability. This builds a relationship of trust, and personifies our organization as human. Also, it gives the counselor a chance to discover interpersonal qualities the client might posses that the counselor will be able to nurture for interview preparation.

Employment Center Flyer

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